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Any allergy is a problem with the immune system and its ability to recognize foreign proteins. As I explain in my videos on allergies, one of the biggest reasons we’re seeing so many problems with allergies is because of the increasing number of vaccines that are population is being exposed to. Vaccines cause an inflammatory immune system reaction which is often referred to as a TH 2 response. By administering a large amount of vaccines throughout a person’s life we’re actually training our bodies to react to everything with a TH 2, inflammatory response.

The good news is that it’s possible to retrain our immune systems by especially focusing on the microflora. Our microflora which consists of bacteria, viruses, and fungi make up around 80 percent of our immune system. The first step would be eliminating any further exposure to vaccinations or anything else that could negatively affect your immune such as medications like antibiotics.
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► For the first time in two decades, life expectancy has declined in the U.S. — a consequence of obesity and rising rates of eight leading causes of death, including heart disease, diabetes, dementia and opioid addiction

► The decline in life expectancy is primarily caused by a rise in several categories of preventable deaths, highlighting the failure of the American health care system to properly address the root causes of chronic disease

► Half of Americans are living with chronic illness, and the cost of health care now accounts for 17 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product

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