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Hvordan bekjempe betennelser og senke Kolesterolet!

In recent years, more attention has been given to the role inflammation plays in our lives, and rightfully so, given all of the health implications that stems from this one specific area. Healers have petitioned their patrons for centuries to limit inflammation-causing foods, thoughts and practices from their daily lives. Atherosclerosis is a hardening of the arteries that can also be characterized by a buildup of fatty deposits and is a disease that stems from inflammatory responses in the body. Now the scientific community has begun in earnest to echo the sentiments of healers past and present to reduce inflammation to limit, prevent or reverse atherosclerosis.

How inflammation is created

From fast food to fad diets, what we put in our mouths for the purposes of nourishment can often lead to malnourishment and inflammatory responses in the body. Pseudo-foods (highly processed foods) contain molecular structures and chemicals unrecognizable by the body. Environmental toxins and many of our medications, whether they be prescription or OTC, also contain or create alien-like molecules. The body responds by 'inflaming' the foreign looking molecules to trigger an immune response. Here lies the birth of inflammation for many people.

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