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Hva er egentlig et Virus?
Groundbreaking research indicates that most of what we believed about the purportedly deadly properties of viruses like influenza is based on nothing more than institutionalized superstition and myth

Germ theory is an immensely powerful force on this planet, affecting everyday interactions from a handshake, all the way up the ladder to national vaccination agendas and global eradication campaigns.

But what if fundamental research on what exactly these ‘pathogens' are, how they infect us, has not yet even been performed? What if much of what is assumed and believed about the danger of microbes, particularly viruses, has completely been undermined in light of radical new discoveries in microbiology?

Some of our readers already know that in my previous writings I discuss why the "germs as our enemies" concept has been decimated by the relatively recent discovery of the microbiome. For in depth background on this topic, read my previous article, "How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy." You can also read Profound Implications of the Virome for Human Health and Autoimmunity, to get a better understanding of how viruses are actually benefificial to health.

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29.04 | 21:50

Veldig interessant å lese , har blodtype O, hypothyreose og lupus og vektproblemer og en livslang slankekur. Tar gjerne imot gode tips.

26.04 | 19:57

Takk 😀

26.04 | 19:32

Det hjelper jeg deg gjerne med 😊
Sender en mail senere i kveld når jeg er på kontoret 😊

26.04 | 19:24

Hei, veldig interessant dette, så ønsker gjerne matoppskrifter slik at det blir lettere og oversiktelig å handle det som er bra :)

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