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IV-vitamin C og Covid-19
There is so much we simply do not understand about the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19. We can test people, try to isolate those who are sick, and attempt to treat the various symptoms of patients as they arise, but to date, there is no pharmaceutical treatment or cure for the disease.

One of the issues that has baffled healthcare professionals is the question of why some COVID-19 patients experience only very mild symptoms, while others quickly develop life-threatening conditions, with some ultimately dying from the disease.

Scientists believe that in at least some cases, the patients’ own immune systems are going into overdrive, creating more damage than the virus itself.

This phenomenon, known as a cytokine storm, is not unique to the novel coronavirus, however. It is a well-recognized feature of autoimmune diseases like juvenile arthritis, and researchers have been looking for treatments to prevent these storms for some time.

One treatment which has a proven track record at reducing the effects of cytokine storms is intravenous vitamin C.

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